Flavor and tradition

Saca-Rolhas is a restaurant located in the village of Relva, on the island of São Miguel.
Here, you can taste the best Azorean dishes! All the products used in our recipes are extremely fresh and made with great care! Get ready for a magnificent experience that combines the flavor and Azorean tradition!

House Specials

Fish Specialties

Chicharros fritos com molho de vilão

Azores Traditional dish. A delight!


Azorean octopus with cod. A temptation of flavors

Massada de cherne

If you like fish, this is a great option!

Meat Specialties

Bife na pedra (lagarto)

If you are a lover of a good steak, taste this magnificent recipe.

Naco à Saca Rolhas grelhada

The traditional steak from our house and from our region. A temptation!

What our customers say:

" Fantastic experience! The best of 5 days of choices on the island of Sao Miguel. "


" There are the best steaks I've ever eaten! Not to mention the tuna loaf and the desserts! "


" Very pleased with the service, location and especially with the quality of the food.
Highly recommend. "


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